about me, work with me.

Hey my little fashionista’s, I started to claim a little bit of the internet with my fashprenuer post’s back in december last year when i first started out on wordpress, before that I worked on a blog called the fashion junky on blogger. I was had no clue when it came to blogging but what I did know as I had a presence when it came to my love for fashion and social media, therefore I though why not learn about blogging, so I did and I’m here with you’s all today, Thank you to everyone who read’s my posts and gives me the views and motivation to keep going.

Blogging started back in university as a project, and I’ve became more and more in love with the blogging community and helping local business, if you’d like me to work with me or collaborate with me, do contact me on.. tonieaton@outlook.com. I’m always open to ideas.

If you want to know a little more about me, I have added my social media pages below.

instagram: Tonieatonx_

Twitter: Tonieaton_x

Facebook: Fashion coordinator & Blogger page