What is happening at the Burns unit catwalk event?


2 Days, Yes I said the hottest newest freshest Fashion Show is coming to your door step at Tiger Tiger Newcastle. The Next Big Thing events company represents their first ever event ‘The Burns unit Catwalk’.  Get your tickets now!!.  and get up to £10 pound off by using our code ‘The Next Big thing’.

Lets give you’s all an little insight about my event…A-lot of you’s sitting wondering why I am donating half of my profits to The Burns unit at Royal Victoria Newcastle. 2011, I received a call to find out my dad had been in a gas explosion, leaving him with 60% plus   third degree burns internal and external, he was induced in a comma on the high independence unit, at the time it was life threatening, we were made to say our last goodbye’s, one of the hardest parts of my life.

Three months later, my dad was being to come around, days on end of feeling as if I was talking to myself and sitting in a dark room with him had paid off, it was time for him to move onto The burns unit. I always remember the first time going to visit him on the ward, this was the first step to his journey of recovery. The staff within the burns unit pushed my dad to his limits, they had every faith in his, he came on leaps and bounds from being bed bound to using an wheelchair to little steps on his own, I could not have been anymore proud. 13726582_176567829415372_4474776759609732349_n

After a year at the hospital, it was time for him to come home, I was super excited for this, it has been hard work but to have him home was defiantly worth it, still going to the ward weekly at first and regular check-ups. The amount of money that must have been spent, The time and effort that went into my dad’s recovery, These staff are not only dedicated they are incredibly amazing. They became like my family, and I couldn’t think of another ward I would want to raise money for, This will be a great achievement for me and i’d appreciate the support from you’s all.

Let’s skip to the exciting part now, you’s all want to know what is going on right, who we are working with and what we are showcasing? We are working with the best brand’s in the north east and we also have a few little surprise brands coming from other area’s to collaborate with the show.  First show we are bring to you is Bridal, so if your a bride to be this is perfect for you, we have the best bridal designer’s in town.. Katheryn russell and Hannah Carty and lets just say one thing Hannah’s dress is going to light up the room.

I have a little outfit of my own to show you’s in this section, every women goes underwear shopping for her big day, I have something perfect for this, that will blow you away, But if were talking Lingerie, for all you lingerie lovers, we have the best lingerie in town coming to our show by yours truly, Black Velvet.

In our second show, we want to show you how to look fabulous even on your most fabulous days with Samantha Quinn’s bespoke collection. From coats, to skirts, Sam has key pieces to take over your wardrobe, and well if your going on holiday this year, we have plenty of swimwear from Black Velvet and A whole lot of resort wear by Oxygen London.  

And yes summer is here, so we want to get you in the mood for the festive feeling with Slave2Style, if you don’t know Slave2style, you best get onto this brand girls, they will blow you away with their amazing collection, they have outfits for any occasion. Working with the most amazing hair stylists and makeup artists to get the final look amazing including makeup artists from NYX Eldon square, you wot!!. follow them on instagram at @nyxcosmtics_uk, they will also have a stall on the night so you can purchase your favourite NYX Products on the night.

BOY, we ain’t forgot about the male guest, we will be bring to you’s Marshall brady clothing, upcoming designers Abi Milner, Erin riche and who doesn’t love dresses being made to measure for you?.. Well lets have it, All the way from Liverpool Katherine Davidson taking over the catwalk with a whole lot of couture girls!!.

And finally who is an fan of Geordie shore, well let me have you know, Newbie Chelsea Barber will be strutting her stuff on our catwalk thursday, so if you’d like to meet her, her is your chance. I would like to kindly thank everyone for donations from Coronation Street/ITV, Katie Piper, Boux Avenue, House of SHB, to Spectrum brushes and little local business, I couldn’t thank you enough!!.




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