The Next Big Thing supports the burns unit!!.

unspecified 2017, has a lot of idea’s that will be turned into reality, I once came across a quote once saying “Follow your dream’s, they know the way”, so I decided to this. After graduating in the summer, I knew I loved fashion but I didn’t want to be a designer. After showcasing my work at The collective show in May, An huge idea sprung to mind, ‘why can’t I create my own show’. So I followed my dream’s and in 2017, I will showcasing the best fashion event Newcastle has ever seen, with up coming designers and Fashion Brands from the North east, such as “House of Radha”, “Fash1”, “Kathryn Russell”, and so many more to share with you all.


Any how, going back to dream’s, You
ever had an idea that has been so
big in your tiny mind, your uncertain if you could even achieve it. well I did, I wanted to give back to the burns unit. After graduation, I though about how lucky I was to have such an support family in no matter what I do but especially in my career. I was also so lucky to have my dad by my side, especially on my graduation day, this just made me super proud of how far he had came on since the gas explosion.
Many of you’s may or may not know, Back in september 2011, this day changed mine and my families lives massively, I was woken to a call by my auntie at half 5 in the morning, to find out my dad had been in a gas explosion, not knowing if he was going to make it, this was the most terrifying new’s I had recived in my life. When arriving at the hospital, we sat in a little room for hours on end not being able to see him, I just wanted to be able to cuddle him and tell him everything was going to be alright, but nothing could 13619852_171323966606425_2455819688763143283_nprepare us for going into the room. I was 17 at the time and my brother was 13, this is something we should never have had to witness bare in mind at such a young age. When entering the room, I couldn’t recognise my dad, I wasn’t even too sure it was him, he was so swollen and in so much pain, I couldn’t describe to you how awful it was to see him this way.

After being put in induced coma and spending time in the intensive care ward, he went onto The burns unit ward, and they instantly became like my family, going to the ward every day after sixth form, ever if at the time my dad was unable to interact or talk back to us, it was nice to just spend time with him. When dad eventually started getting better, we used to push him around in his wheelchair to the shop or to the park, we would sit and watch soaps and chill on the nights he wasn’t up to doing much.

The burns unit’s philosophy is that the individual with a burn injury, and their family, have the right to be cared for by a specialist team of committed and experienced staff, utilising contemporary research and knowledge based skills.they  will endeavour to create an environment of health and well being enabling the individual to regain a fulfilled place in society. Like I said earlier, The Burns unit became like my family, they were so supportive towards not only my dad on his recovery journey but to me and my family also. To be able to see my dad come from being bed bound11102749_670754933028555_7428997886201809411_n, to be able to use a wheelchair to coming on the ward and before even making it, theres my dad pushing himself to walk up and down the corridor was incredible. To talk again, to share memories with us was incredible.  This was me and my dad on my 21st birthday, he paid for it all and helped me organise such a special night, which I was so happy to be able to do with him, considering dad was really ill on my 18th birthday and couldn’t attend, as he was still very fragile and sick, but we defiantly made it up for my 21st.


I can’t wait to share this event with both all my family who have been so supportive but also the burns unit staff, I want to thank them so much for all theses special moments I can spend with my dad and family, and to just be able to have him around me for support and love, is incredible. I am very honoured to be able to thank The Biscuit Factory for choosing my event to be held at their venue, and to be
one of the complimentary events they have chosen to help me to be able to showcase my event, aswell as many other charity events. The Biscuit Factory is the UK’s largest art, craft and design gallery housed in a former Victorian warehouse at the heart of Newcastle’s cultural quarter. the-biscuit-20160623113841154

The feel and look of the venue is just so magical, which is defiantly something I want to capture on the night, it fills up to 300 people, and I am working with a range of amazing graphic designers to get tickets and designs ready for sales in mid January. If your wanting a ticket, get my email address from my contact details and I can put you down on a pre-ticket list.


So I’m guessing you want to hear more about the event and the fabulous people we have on board, and what’s going on… First of all, No Biggie, but we have a Surprise video to show you’s all from Katie Piper. For all you’s who are unsure of who Katie Piper is , she is now a best selling international author, inspirational speaker, TV presenter and charity campaigner. This incredable young woman also had to rebuilt her life after surviving a brutal attack in March 2008 at the age of 24, in which she was raped and had sulphuric acid thrown in her face.She spent 2 months in the Burns Unit at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital where she was placed in an induced coma in intensive care. I find this women a huge inspiration, after all she’s been though and still wanting to change other’s lives and support other burns patients is beyond amazing.

We also have some beautiful designers and brand’s involved who I had mentioned earlier on, but I guess it is now time to introduce you to a few.c77e37_5daeb276551a4f75b54335ad5fafa178~mv2_d_2480_3508_s_4_2.png  First of all, we have.. ‘The House of Radha‘, I first met Radha back at art school at ccad, were I first started my degree journey before transferring over to Newcastle College. Her work instantly caught my eye, her print work is out of this world.  Radha’s collection which is top secret at the moment, will be showcasing at my event. The collection is called awakening heart, and has such a powerful and meaning story running though each piece, which is all about an female character that goes through a journey to realise who she really is.  And may I mention, There is an high end couture surface printed scarf up for grabs on the event made by Radha!!.


Next up is Fash1, I recently met Imogen Michelle the owner of Fash1 at an ladies night event which supporting cancer at As you like it, I literally fell in love with her collection instantly. Fash1 are Newcastle based,  they are an women’s fashion brand offering the best quality celebrity inspired pieces at the lowest prices. This range includes bandage dresses, Bodycon dresses and 2 pieces. I have recently seen some of the posts from Fash1’s new collection and WOW can I say Glamorous or what!!. You will want to purchase every piece from this brand, I promise you’s won’t be disappointed, the brand is to die for, Therefore I have to show you’s a sneak peak of the couture winter collection.




And showcasing all the way from Liverpool is Katherine Davidson, which is a luxury womenswear label and the brainchild of designer, Katie Heaton.

Katherine Davidson launched in October 2016, and is still very recent, I can’t wait to show Newcastle Katie’s work, The launch of Katherine Davidson and the Emareldi line.

Below is a piece from her Emareldi collection and Katie will be working on a new collection to showcase at The next big thing event, but one thing I know if it is as stunning as this garment, then we are going to blowing away with beautifully couture designed pieces.



Did, I mentioned Kathryn Russell, will be showcasing her beautiful headpieces on the ni11169895_387466241460214_7425859697186061988_n.jpgght?!, Aswell as an little bridal catwalk appearance on the night. This will also include an upcoming bridal designer Hannah Carty, who studied alongside me at Newcastle College as part of my foundation degree in fashion design, her work is something new and fresh to the bridal industry and you need to keep an eye out for her work coming up. Also speaking of upcoming designers, we also have Abi Milner, who’s work is also very high end for special occasion’s, you guy’s will love, all top secret’s no photo’s just come along and you’s will be blowing away.

Anyway’s back to Kathryn,
Kathryn is an otherworldly fashion designer who creates couture bridal which crosses beyond the world of our reality and into our fairytale imaginations, and when we say fairytale, you will feel the magic instantly as her work hits the runaway.

Now lets speak Accessories, no outfit is complete without the finishing look,  we have our the finest accessories in Newcastle showcasing at this event, and also up for sale on  the night!!.  1538716_661078420623346_304490963_n.jpgFirst of all, we have the Melanie Kyle’s, I have recently spoke to Melanie who is working on some beautiful chocker pieces. ‘Melanie Kyles’ is a luxury accessories brand that prides itself on combining ethical, high-quality production with beautiful, versatile designs. the accessory designer specialises in hand-embroidered and embellished accessories and art pieces. The limited edition accessories are designed with timeless style rather than seasonal fashion in mind, and are designed to be interchangeable, making them a valuable addition to any stylish woman’s wardrobe. All products are skilfully created in the UK using quality materials, and objet trouvé is used where possible for bespoke artwork.

15285026_1450214125007018_4884017077204452364_nAnd secondly is the fabulous Kayleigh Falcus, who is going to working on a collection to showcase on the runaway, I can’t say much yet about what she will have in store for you’s all but i do know, it will be something that will catch your eyes.


So you’s can all see, the night is going to be full of fashion & fun, if your a huge fashion lover like me, it’s a night you’s don’t want to miss.. Theres going to be plenty of prizes up for grabs from Spectrum brushes, Lucy addison Jewellery, Pretty Wild Jewellery,  Doggy shoots from Willow and Hare, Boux Avenue, Beauty vouchers from both Kate Brett and Gemma Murray.

Gemma Murray (BEAUTY BOUTIQUE)  is also one of my beauty team for the event, alongside Louise Brownlees from  Louise’s beauty bar, Zoe Heseltine, and Mua Newcastle. Were hoping to have two incredible stands for makeup involved on the night including NYX Cosmetics and Smudge Cosmetics by Jill.

Keep an eye out for all the exciting new’s coming up on the event, follow my page on Facebook ‘the next big thing’  and if you want to get involved, email me on…




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