Preloved Fashion event comes to House of smith’s.


So the first of december was full of events from The grainger market christmas fayre to the Preloved luxury pop up shop. An fellow north east fashionista and friend of mine Louisa Rogers, The owner of trendlistr. The TrendListr is an online fashion marketplace that operates on a subscription basis for vendors, the aim is minimise hassle for sellers, and maximise choice for our buyers!

your now thinking why is it that trendlistr is easier? well louisa states that..

– Sellers pay a small monthly fee for listing a lot of items, instead of paying per item or high commission rates!
– Therefore, we see ourselves as a fairer fashion marketplace.
– Easier to calculate take-home profit.
– Add as much or as little detail as you like to your listings.

What makes buying on TrendListr enjoyable?
– We have an unfussy website layout with big images of products.
– We offer a wide choice of clothing from an equally diverse range of sellers.
– You can communicate easily with sellers through our messaging feature!


The event was also set up the event at House of smith’s alongside artist Susi Bellamy and also fellow blogger Jennifer Mason.

Ive been to House of smith’s many of times on nights out, and it is defiantly a great place for a night out in Newcastle, but last week I was kindly invited along by the lovely Louisa herself, it was super nice to meet her after may chats and talks of meeting up to talk fashion!!. who doesn’t love fashion!!, Therefore I was invited to join the other fashionistas for an exclusive pop-up sale event in the House of Smith VIP Section. There was a range of items to purchase, from luxe homeware to fashion and accessories.


Susi Bellamy Cushions creates bright and unique ‘art for the sofa’, which is textiles based on original and unique artwork painted in the studio, I loved her design’s, especially the abstract design’s, they hugely caught my eye.  Susi Bellamy states “Her artwork is inspired by her great love of colour, her background as a fashion editor and her time working and living in Florence”.

The rich texture and subtle mark making created in Susi’s paintings are digitally transferred to both luxurious velvet and silky fabrics, which means this is a high quality printing process harnesses the rich texture of the artwork onto the printed surface. I had never seen so many cushion’s, Susi design’s both ‘floor cushion’s’, ‘velvet cushion’s’ and ‘silky cushion’s’… if your a huge cushion lover then you will love this women and her design’s.



After looking around me and Cara, decided to stay and have a cheeky cocktail next door in the sister bar Florita’s, would have been rude not too since it was 2-4-1 drinks at the time. I would defiantly recommend going to Florita’s for drinks if your wanting somewhere quiet its a great place to attend earlier on in the night, theres a lot to choice from aswell as the deal they have on.  We were later on greeted by the fashionable and stunning Pixiedscf2217dscf2234dscf2233dscf2230



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