wine tasting & air raid at christmas fayre.

Were now 4 days into December, I am starting to see christmas trees  going up, presents starting to be wrapped and everyone getting into that christmas spirt. Last week I attended the pantomime at the theatre royal in Newcastle, we went to see Cinderella, which was starred by Danny Allen, who is one of the funniest men I have met, this includes in my group of funniest actors I love.. ‘Adam Sandler’, ‘Jim Carrey’… So if you love a comedy or love funny thing’s.


Every year I attend may christmas events and do little christmas stuff with my family, which I love, its the most wonderful time of the year after all, so why not spend it with your loved ones?.. Therefore on thursday I went along to Grainger markets christmas fayre with a friend of mine, who is also a blogger, Cara Morrison. There was so much going on and a lot of great shops to see.


The Grainger market was first built in the 1830, and was the largest in Europe at the time. The market is full of little surprise’s you never expect them to sell and there are three alleys, which means there’s plenty of stalls to look at and choice from, from fishmongers to butchers, to vintage clothing shops to makeup stalls, to cheese shops to cake shops, the granger market has it all. They also have world’s smallest marks and spencers store, which is hidden within is the unique ‘Marks and Spencer Original Penny Bazaar’.

During our time at the Fayre, we wondered around the market’s, stuffing our faces and drinking wine. The first shop we looked at was Pet Lamb. Pet Lamb Patisserie was founded in the Summer of 2009, by two friends with an unrelenting ache to bake. I must say I love cake’s, and I was blowing away by how much choice there was to choose from at Pet Lamb. They sell from your regular, vanilla cupcakes to mint chocolate, to your more exotic cakes such as popcorn, coffee and donut, marshmallow, theres so much to choice from. You can also get giant cupcakes and they cater for events and special occasions such as weddings.

If you’ve ever in Newcastle and fancy a quick coffee and cake, this is defiantly your place to try out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


  In the picture above, this was the bailey cupcake from Pet Lamb.

Our next stop was Ellen’s cosmetic’s, which if anyone reading this loves makeup and perfume, yes this shop is ideally right up your street. They do a lot of makeup at affordable prices, stocking from the likes of ‘collection 2000’, ‘L’oreal’, ‘Max Factor’, ‘Maybelline’, all cheaper than the high street prices too girls!!.

They also do many perfumes that are represents an original perfume, so you guys who can’t afford to constantly go out there and purchase the latest designer perfume, can still smell fabulous without being out of pocket.


After Ellen’s, we went on the hunt to find the little wine shop, we had heard so much about, La Casa.  Their mission is to provide the UK market top quality delicious food from Spain. They offer a selection of quality gourmet products, 100% artisan and hand made by the producers from different areas of Spain such as La Mancha, Cataluña, Andalucia, Extremadura, Leon, Galicia and Asturias. The wine was one of the best white wine’s I have tasted and normally I’m more of a rosey person, but this was very rich and tasteful.

I personally was attracted by all the little designs on the bottles, especially the graphic and illustrations design’s, they are perfect for a special occasion, for example christmas is coming up you could crack open a bottle with your christmas dinner or great for a gift to pop under the tree.


If your also an fan of vintage clothing or furniture, an handbag collector or love a good fashion piece, the granger market has many stores for you including ‘Vintagera’ and ‘Yesturday Society’.


After a neb around all the shop’s, we were invited to an exclusive preview of the air raid section underground of the Grainger market, Which was used for the World war 2, I felt pretty honoured to attend this and be part of the tour, it really opened up my mind and allowed me to picture how hard times must have been during the war for the people of Newcastle, the struggles, the limitedness on daily routines we love to do e.g being able to take a hot bath to ourselves.


We went down into the air raid section and it was so dark and was a tight squeeze for our little group ever mind everyone trying to get shelter to safety during the war times, I couldn’t image how they felt. There was personal belongs left from the people who were part of the world war and went to here for shelter including clothes,  china cutlery, bits of newspapers and letters. But what mostly was taken to the air raid’s at the times would be insurance papers, their wedding or engagement ring’s, etc. They would take their insurance papers incase once the bombings were over, and sometimes people would come out with no home to go out, due to the attacks, they would have their insurance policies with them, this was so sad to hear, one of the worst things would to loose your home aswell as all your personal belongs and sentimental items, it was heartbreaken to hear that, and I am so grateful to have the life I have.


After the air raid tour, The night was finished with a beautiful performance from the beautiful and talented Trixie Blue, who is a Burlesque dance and Northern star performer, and wow what a performance it was.. I loved her outfit too.


I had a great night and really enjoyed the event more than I though I would of done, The atmosphere was very christmassy, I wanted to just dance away all night by all the great singers on board, and there was so much to choose from todo. If you haven’t been to the granger market or wanting something different this year for christmas present’s, I encourage you to go explore the granger market.






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