Fashion boosting confidence in women.

Last week, Love Niche and the team were invited along to support an women’s inspiration networking event, which we were kindly invited along by the beautiful Ashley Carney, who is part of the East chamber of commerce.  They state “We want to create a world where businesses in North East England thrive as a collective force, because we believe that business is stronger together. This is why we exist to be a powerful influence that constantly enhances condition for growth”.

they also state that they are the champion that fights for North East businesses to have the conversations that really matter. They are for those who believe in the value of sharing knowledge, as we work to combat the risk of missed opportunities.

The event we attend was all about empowering women and boosting their confidence to do well in life, to aim high and succeed.  I was so honoured to be part of this and meet so many inspiring women on the morning.  The event was at the Jesmond dene house, which is beautiful, it reminded me of hogwarts. I’d defiantly recommend coming to stay here if you were to wanting to visit Newcastle, or somewhere to plan for your event, the venue is to die for.


On the morning, we were there to represent ‘Love Niche‘ for the business it is, Lizzie Browell, the personal stylist at Love Niche, she spoke about the business whilst I modelled the clothe’s, we spoke about layering and the importance of wearing accessories to make the outfit stand out.

Nisha the owner, is a big believer in building women’s confidence and making them look and feel amazing in what they wear. Nisha always says  ” I believe that being a women is a blessing, I believe that looking and feeling good about yourself should come naturally and be a pleasure”. Since I and Lizzie started working with Nisha and her business Love Niche, we have observed how Nisha inspires, guides, advises and builds on women’s confidence everyday.


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