Fashprenuer attends Benefit cosmetic’s blogging night.


Credit to Laura Pearman Photography

Last week, we got invited along to the benefit cosmetic event at INTU Eldon Square, Debenham’s store. I meet up with a few of the fellow bloggers before the event, I had meet the night before at the rub event, which was very useful and great to see everyone again, One of them being Chloe, who used to work for benefit so i’d defiantly recommend going onto her blog post about benefit as she will be able to answer all your questions, i’m going to try give you as much detail as possible though.

On arrival we meet, the Two beautiful Laura’s, Laura Dawson and Laura Pearman, who takes all our beautiful photograph’s.  We also meet the beautiful benefit team, who wereextremely talented when it came to makeup and brows, aswell as really lovely girls. The beautiful Rochelle Artus being one of them, was so nice to catch up with her.

Credit to Laura Pearman Photography 

I decided to got for a casual look, so I wore my black and white stripy shirt from Pretty little things paired up with my denim jeans from Miss selfridge and Black Chelsea boots from Pretty little things also.


In the photograph from the left hand side: Chloe, Myself, Sarah, Laura from Benefit and Amy Louise.

Photographs credited to Laura Dawson

We arrived to a champagne reception and Pizza on arrival, who doesn’t love Pizza, especially from Manny’s , who is Newcastle based, and I have to say the pizza was so nice, and I’m fussy when it comes to finding a nice pizza place to order from. You can also order online for all you big foodies, I have listed the contact details below:

25 Ridley Pl, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8JN
Phone: 0191 230 0601

Once we had our photographs taken and had a bit of a chat with the others and the benefit team, we were split into groups of six and had little makeovers on each other, tried out the new products and also showing over the christmas deals which was fun.

At first, we had the extemely gorgueous Amy Louise, who is also a beauty blogger, so I would recommend to subscribe/watch her vblog’s, as she’s super knowledgeable within the beauty sector.  Our benefit Makeup adviser was also called Laura, started off on amy’s brows which she used the benefit refined and defined kit, which is great for any gaps in your eyebrows and or to colour your brows if have light brows like me. She also went onto applying lipstick and eyeshadow.


After Amy, there was the super glam Macara Morrison, which wanted to try out the same product as me (The watt’s up), so I was super excited to see the outcome on this one.

The Watt’s up is a highlighter which gives you a delicate champagne glow that’s really stands out and gives you that diva look on a night out. it’s a switch on “wow” for all complexions, and really give’s you that beautiful shimmer effect on the cheekbone’s, as it did for Macara, making you feel and look like Beyonce, we all said. ( as I wished haha).


Throughout the night, we were showing different deals which are on for the christmas which you can purchase from both Debenham’s and Boots from what i know off. I really loved the Japanese styled head dolls gift set’s which were priced various with a range of wonderful gift’s, any girl would be lucky to get one of theses of santa, HINT HINT if your reading this MAM, DAD, anyone within the family!!.


They also had the beauty advent calanders now out!!, which all girls love at christmas, I would really love one myself. I loved the little design’s on the packaging, they all make the brand and products stand out more, very fresh and fun. I love the little illustration’s, I’d defiantly say check out benefit next time your in town, you could be missing out on some great deals.


At the end I went over to the Brow Bar, which I didn’t even know about, I didn’t even know benefit could make your brows look so fab till I seen how amazing they made Ruth’s look on point, as the younger generation would say!!. We also received a little gift of benefit, I didn’t want to open the packaging, it was such too adorable.


Inside the gift box, we got the Roller Lash, which I have always wanted to try, this is a great mascara, really stands out on your eyelashes and don’t need much off it, helps with lengthening a lot, and we also received the brow conditioning primer which was my favourite, I have been using this over the last week and can’t wait to start seeing the difference, as I love a good brow routine/look!!.






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