Cocktail glory at Rub steakhouse.


Did some say ‘Mortal Monday’s’, oh hell yeah.. On Monday, me and other blogger’s and the ELLEFLUENCE squad headed over to Rub steakhouse which has just opened in Newcastle not long ago. This event was organised by Laura Dawson, the blogger of Elleblonde, This was the second time I had meet Laura when attending the Rub blogging event and she is one of the most loveliest and down to earth inspirational women I have meet. I love the passion and drive, I see when it comes to the blogging events, she puts so much time and effort into all the events.

More about Rub anyways, Rub is located in The Gate at Newcastle’s city centre on the second floor. Rub is a BBQ restaurant with it routes firmly in the South of the USA. They take their meat very seriously and use a butchers called Sykes House Farm ‘The Chef’s Butcher’ near Wetherby North Yorkshire. Their passion for meat cuts is evident and their farming ethics are second to none. They have years of expertise in butchery of American style cuts of meat. All of their meat are cooked in a smokers ‘Hank & Marvin’ overnight, marinated first with a secret ‘Rub’ blend of spices.

But Monday, was all about the cocktails, even though I ain’t going to lie, the food was a huge bonus, and I loved the fact, they had pigs and blankets, now it defantly feels a lot like christmas. Over the night I tried the strawberry daiquiri, the old fashioned, the cosmopolitan, the woo woo, and many more. The Rub has over 25 cocktails, and they all are made by the king of cocktails, Joe and his team


As part of the night, we had to make our own cocktails as a team, and yes our team won!!, we are the champions of cocktail making, so on the picture above is the beautiful Lorna Vazraghi making an very tasty cosmoplitian for the team, which was brilliant btw, she’s also very talented when it comes to makeup, she’s an amazing beauty blogger, so do click on her name and check out her blog too.

We also had the Fashionable Pixie Tenenbaum (The Fashion Voyeur), and we played the sweet and salty game live, which you can check out on Rubs Facebook Page on a live video. On the Live video, you can witness Pixie eating a full stock cube, and also my question was who are my top 5 sweet heroes?…

Now your thinking who and why? well number 1 was.. ‘my mam’, I choose my mam was my number one sweet hero because when I was little, I was born disabled which not many people know about, I had many problems with my leg’s, and many operation’s, my mam was very young and still managed to raise me into the women I am today.

Number 2 was my dad.. No matter much we clash, and he still goes on like a child, my dad is always their to help with any problem that occurs and will help me get over that hurdle. My dad was in a gas explosion and if he can survive that he can survive anything in my eyes, he’s the bravest person I know, therefore he is a hero in my eyes!!.

Number 3: My dog Millow, he’s just adorable, he barks at everyone we pass, ( keep me safe i guess) and gives me cuddles all the time. (I will have to do an introduction post so you’s can see how adorable he is.

Number 4&5: My Nana and Grandad, My Grandad is like my taxi driver, anywhere I need to go my grandad takes me, no questions asked. And my Nana, well she’s just my super fabolous Nana, She’s always supported me in whatever I do, supported my mam to bring me and my siblings up, She watched my Millow when I’m at college, She’s just super supportive and I couldn’t imagine life without her or my grandad, there the best grandparents ever!!.


15139359_166805893785318_873230089_n15174595_166805363785371_1047154443_nContinuing on from our amazing team of cocktail champs, we also had the beautiful Chloe who’s makeup is always on point, so if you love makeup or want tips, she’s your lady!!. We also had the cheerful Mimi and the lovely Nicola from Geordie Kisses.

I had an great night with all the fellow bloggers and was so nice to meet some new face’s rather than just chatting to them on Facebook, I’d defiantly recommend Rub for both food and cocktails, there is so much effort put into the way they display their service, the staff are so friendly and its just very fresh and new.  Its a great place if you love your meat, Pulled pork is to die for, The chicken is unreal and I love chicken!!, and they also do Nacho’s which is one of my favourite food’s so there defiantly one of my best places to go for food now. I will be attending nearer to christmas so keep an eye out on the post on their christmas menu and cocktails. 15175510_166805507118690_939644175_n15183839_166805893785318_873230089_o


These’s photos were taken by Laura Pearman at arrival, Theses are pictures of both me and Chloe, one of the fellow bloggers of the ELLEFLUENCE squad. I am wearing an black jumpsuit from Pretty Little Things.


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