a Present you won’t want to eat.


My nan’s birthday is coming up, and I know she’s been down a little after my uncle and our childhood dog passing away, they were both called Archie, and they were both so close to my nana’s heart, she’s been broken without them. Therefore, I wanted to do a little present to her in gesture from my uncle, I came across an picture of them both with my other auntie, from my mam’s wedding at St James Park, was such a beautiful and wonderful day, and everyone enjoyed themselves so I had to add this photograph in and who doesn’t love cake?!. So why not combined them both.


I used to come in from college and they’d both be around the table, stuffing the faces with cakes, biscuits and tea, so this was a great idea. I called along on sunday to give my nana the cake’s as an early birthday present, she loved them. she also posted on Facebook ‘ Yesterday was the best day ever great company a morning out visit from my grandaughter with a present, to gifts I love!!!! In one day can it get any better. Whoop whoop’ – one thing I love in life is to make my family happy, you don’t need to go out and buy huge present’s, its the little sentimental thing’s that count and I’m so glad she liked them.


Theses cake’s were made by caketopper’s, the owner emailed me back saying my nan was very glam, yes thats right my nana is very glam, she’s were my fashion influence comes from, my nan she’s always had a huge say in my life, I always value everything she says, and she’s a huge inspiration to life, she’s an amazing women. She’s defiantly were my expensive taste comes from, we used to watch the buying channels as a kid, JVC etc.. and watch all the beautiful jewellery and garments coming up on the screen, and not to forget the garden show’s, if theses one thing my nana loves more than dogs and family, its her garden.


Caketoppers specialise in cakes, cupcakes and printed icing edible toppers for delivery across the UK. Personalised with your photo, logo or message our delicious personalised cakes make a great idea for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations or any special occasion. please do check out cake toppers, links below:

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