Dress up or down this christmas with Love Niche.


Christmas is arriving and its the season to dress up, lots of event’s and nights out occurring and you’re all panicking thinking were can I get my latest outfit from, well this outfit is all about class and comfort.

The black and gold dress, always reminds me of a mobster’s wife look, but hey I guess a Mobo’s wife should be very strong, independent and have a rich taste, so if your trying to portray yourself this way, the black and gold dress is defiantly for you. We added in the black fur jacket, as everyone know’s Newcastle isn’t the warmest of places to start of with, never mind in the winter, so you want to wrap up but look stylish and by using fur, you can create this look instantly, I quiet like the fact that its the colour black too, therefore it doesn’t distract your attention from the pattern on the dress.

The outfit was paired up with black stilettos from Dorothy Perkin’s and the jewellery is also from Love Niche, aswell as the outfit, Gold accessories were a must to help the pattern stand out more, we choose a thick gold necklace and black layered bracelet, which really brought out the final look.

You could use this look to go for a meal, to go to town.. If going for a meal or something special but don’t want to be too dressy add tights, if going to town but want to be more dressy, take the fur away!!. This is an outfit you can dress up or down.

You can check out this outfit at: http://www.love-niche.com





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