Hadrian’s Tipi VIP Launch Invite.


So a lot of you’s have probably being thinking what is being put up on the central station area next to the taxi rank, right?. so did I, till I got invited along to the VIP opening last night. It was beautifully set out last night, and guest arrived from 9pm. I had a very friendly and relaxed vibe to it.

The Hadrian’s Tipi is a double tipi-style tent doubling as a winter retreat offering continental foods, mulled wines and other drinks amid an inviting setting of log fires and lights designed to recreate the days of Roman Emperor Hadrian’s travels around the region in AD122. Which will be located till after the christmas period, so call in have a few drinks and relax with both friends and family, the Hadrians tipi welcomes both children and dogs, and is open till 2pm for you party people.


After spending time in the Hadrian’s tipi tent drinking hot cider, I head off over to Jalou, my first time ever, spending quality time with my sister and drinking cocktails, which were the best cocktails I have tasted if i do say so myself!!.



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