Fashprenuer attends Urban Decay night.


Credits: Laura Pearman photography

On Thurday, I was honoured to be invited along to the Urban decay event by Laura through ELLEFLUENCE, this was there first ever blogging event they organised, which was amazing if i do say so myself, even though they don’t officially launch till 2017, this is a platform created to bring influeners with brands, their next event will be with RUB steak house to test their new cocktail menu, so keep an eye out at the end of the month, also RUB steak collaborated on the urban decay blogging night, which meant free pulled pork!!

Food and Beauty are my favourite things apart from fashion of course, so why wouldn’t I have wanted to go along?, who wouldn’t right?. Speaking of fashion, I decided to wear my floral blouse from New look, which I absolutely love, styled up with a pair of black leggings and boots, Accessorised with my must!!, my pandora bracelet which never leaves my arm, has charms from Paris, London, etc. (as you can see above).

The Urban Decay Event:

Laura Pearman meeted and greeted us at the cafe within INTU Eldon Square Debenham’s, where she took some shots of us, which you can see above. She was so lovely and very stylish, I loved her whole pin up/vintage vibe.


Credits: Laura Pearman photography

Throughout the event they demonstrated 2 looks to show us how wonderful the products work, they explained every single step they done and what products they used, which was great.  As you can see below, this was the first look and it was the day time look, using the new spectrum palette, the new naked ultimate basic palette, and all night foundation. Applied with their latest brush collection.

The team were amazing and very skilled on what they sold, which is outstanding if you need to go in to store and speak to one of the team, they’d defiantly be able to give you the best advice. Michael, Sophie, Nisha and Kelly, they were all fab and very talented.  Michael and Sophie demonstrated the first look, which was an classic smokey eye as you can see below.





I love all the wonderful and beautiful colour’s, and this palette will defiantly be getting put on my christmas list to santa, hint hint if you’re reading this mam!!.  A Tip I got from the Urban decay team and what I do myself on a daily basis when wearing eye shadow, is to use a setting spray before hand by spraying it on to your brush it will really make the colour stand out more.

During the demo, they showed us a few of their best product’s, one being their brushes. DID YOU KNOW? Urban decay loves to recycle, all there brushes are made from recycled bottles.



They also showed us their new all nighter foundation, which is also on my to buy list for christmas!!. DID YOU ALSO KNOW?: The new all nighter foundation is waterproof?, did you also know that the  bottle is air tight which means the foundation makes its way up the bottle, which means no leftovers which means no scrapping out of the bottles girl. Its also best for oily skin, and full coverage unlike some where you have to develop the coverage up for a full coverage look.



Credits: Laura Pearman

As spoken about at the begin of the post, RUB did the catering side of the night, I loved the food and defiantly will have to take my family along to try this place out, its the best places I have tried in a long time, the pulled pork was mouth watering, and the burgers were so tasty!!. Rub is located in The gate at Newcastle for you’s who haven’t been, and our big foodies like me, you need to try it out. They are also located in Nottingham and Birmingham. And did I say they have a 2-4-1 cocktail menu, oh yes I did!!.


We also had a bucks fizz reception, I loved the little ELLEFLUENCE Design on it, through this was perfect promotional product to promote their service.


Credits: Laura Pearman 

Then Nisha and Sophie Demonstrated the last look, which was a night time look, for going clubbing, going for a nice meal, this would be perfect. I love glitter on any look, even if its during the day, I like to dress up, therefore this look was my favourite. A tip we were giving was for the water line and lower lash line, which was for the smoky look use the black 24/7 glide on eye liner in the waterline and then the brown eyeliner on your lower lash line to give it that smokey effect.

After the event, they took us down to the shop floor, were we had a little wonder around and got our free gift bag, inside was a mini travel setting spray, which I can’t wait to try out, I have heard amazing things about this!!.







to view the rest of the galleria view Laura Pearman’s Gallery.  This was also my first blog so was nice to meet up with some of the other bloggers Chloe, Melissa, Mandy, and Pixie.  All amazing girls and extremely talented bloggers, do check out their blogs too!!.


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