Fashprenuer attends Pizza Storm Launch


This week Pizza Storm has launched in Newcastle, and if your a huge foodie like me or a pizza lover, its a must try!!. I was kindly invited along to try out the restaurant complimentary of the company.

We were able to create our own pizza which is always a fun and exciting choose, it was like going to the super market and having too much choice to choose from, I love food as you’s will able to tell from my blog hopefully.

“Our sizzling hot PizzaStorm oven fires up the freshest pizzas in the blink of an eye (or 180 seconds) thanks to its scorching 900 degree heat – so you can craft your own PizzaStorm or choose from our Hall of Flames; ready to enjoy within five minutes”. It took minutes for our pizzas to be ready to demolish, it was crafted and cooked in eye sight which is always a good thing right?.

You got the choice to pick from 4 sauces (bbq, tomato, spicy tomato, and white sauce), over 7 cheeses (including cheddar, mozzarella shavings, parmesan) 15 vegetables, 14 meats (spicy sausage, peri chicken, bacon, etc) and also choice of season and finishes. I felt like a baby in a sweet shop, I was that excited to make my own pizza.

I had spicy tomato sauce with 2 cheeses mozzarella and parmesan, topped with spicy sausage, pepperoni, red onions, jalapeños, and chopped garlic. It was to die for, so mouthwatering and was defiantly one of the top pizza places I have tried, the staff was so lovely and helpful, aswell as very friendly.

Pizza storm also offer that you can take your pizza out with you, which I found an useful option, I’d defiantly recommend this to anyone, the restaurant is located in the new food village in Eldon Square, GO TRY!!!.



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