VIP Event: Lane 7..

Lastnight, I got invited along to be the first group of people to try out Lane 7’s new and exciting mini golf area, When receiving the email did I see, bring your friends, free food and drink, well then I couldn’t possibly knock back an oppertunity for a great night right?. especially when for free.

There was 9 parts to the mini golf, it was fun and challenging, and hey they may have been a few time’s, I may have accidentally near hit that golf to hard and its landed over the other side, oops!!.  Never said I was pro tho, oh well least everyone was safe and I didn’t hit anyone with the ball then we were all good.

On arrival, we were giving free drinks and they walked around with canapés of food, I’m sucker for free food and drinks. Burgers, one of my favourite food’s, and I’d defiantly recommend an Burger from here, asboutley mouth watering, must have a few, we won’t say how many on here, eek!!.

The cocktails were also to die for, Best Bubblegum daquari, I have tasted, even though it wasn’t mine it was my sisters, but hey sharings caring, I also had my own cocktail too guys, which was as real good but not as good as the bubblegum daiquiri but hey they always say somebody else’s food and drink tastes better.

The venue is nicely thought out, and has such an friendly and laid-back environment, all the staff are so fun and helpful with great personalities and attitudes, I’d defiantly recommend this place to bring your children or to chill out with friends, they have a restaurant and bar upstairs, as well as ping pong and bowling, if you’re an active person, you’ll love it here and I hugely recommend it!!

The mini golf section, opens properly tomorrow, so what you waiting for its school holidays, take a trip down with the little ones or after 7 is adults only, go for a game and pint, you’ll love it.


Outfit: Jumper and skirt both from primark

Jewellery:  Pandora.

Shoes: Pretty little things.


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