Love Niche Supports Mental Health.

Today is world mental health day, I feel as if mental health isn’t seen as a big thing by many people when in reality it affects a lot of people, not only the person suffering from mental health and but their loved ones around them, family, friends. Mental health can be hard to pick up on in your loved one’s, back in 2011, my dad try to take his own life in a gas explosion due to depression and mental health, and me as his daughter never picked up on this, he was always his jolly normal self around me so I had no reason to have any worry, now today I take mental health serious and would love to make more of an awareness to everyone out there.

Now I can, Last week, I started my work placement with Love Niche, who is doing an fashion show on Friday, I wanted to let you’s all know about it as soon as I had my meeting but thought today would be a great day to speak all about their fashion show, as they are supporting ‘If U Care, Share foundation’, as most of you’s know they support families, they listen and support their emotional wellbeing in young people and those effected by suicide. Love Niche has picked this charity, in remembrance of a dear friend, Sharon who consistently supported thier journey with Love Niche over the years, from very first launch party till her premature departure. They aim to outdo the figure they raised last season for this charity that supports the families and those who are left behind.


‘Personal Shopping’, ‘Personal Styling’ and ‘Made for you’ are all things Love Niche is about,  Nisha Vedhara grew up surrounded by the vibrant and passionate love of design that came from her mother’s fashion studio. Nisha was encouraged to explore her natural flair for style and her appreciation of quality fabrics; she designed her own clothes from the age of 14 and then her first range at the age of 18 and her desire to help other women feel the power, joy and renewed self-confidence of perfect, bespoke styling. In Nishas own words “I believe that being a woman is a blessing. I believe that looking and feeling good about yourself should come naturally and be a pleasure.”, which is defiantly something I 100% agree with, all girls should be able to feel beautiful within their own body, and to express themselves through fashion, thats what its there for right?!.

After all the fashion weeks have came to an end ‘London’, ‘Paris’, ‘New-York’ and ‘Milan’, it is now NEWCASTLE’s time to shine with the help of Love Niche, On Friday 14th October, We are presenting Niche Love at Bon Bar, which is there Autumn/Winter collection 2016, knowing as their ‘moonlight season’. So if you ain’t doing anything this friday, grab all your girls and BOYS, and come along to see some of the most beautiful garments there is in newcastle that Nisha has to offer you’s, I promise you’s won’t be disappointed. (get your tickets online now, link is below).


You can choose from Vip Tickets, to Group packages, etc. If you’s need any details message me via email:






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