Fashprenuer works with Newcastle Uni Fash Society

Social media is a great way to collaborate and meet others, especially great for meeting people with the same goals and passions as yourself. Last week I met up with Annie Chavez and Eleonora Hristova, who are the organisers of the fashion society of Newcastle University, They are both fun and exciting girls with amazing fashion goals, which I am excited to work with them both and their society to see them develop their knowledge in the fashion world and hit their goals.

Annie is from America, and is one of the most stylish people I have met, On wednesday I popped over to their first taster session at Bar Loco, which is cool and laid-back place in Newcastle, I’d defiantly recommend it for quiet drinks with the girlies. So whilst we were at bar loco, the girls spoke over there fashion stories, which was very inspirational to hear.  Annie spoke about how she was very tom boyish until she moved to New York and seen all the inspiration around her, who wouldn’t turn into a massive fashion lover if you lived in New York its all around you right?!.

And then we had Eleonora, who is can make outfits from charity shops into something amazing, this girl has style!!. Eleonora went onto speak about her love for charity shops and how she can an outfit out of anything and I mean anything, she even showed us pictures from when she was little  making old aprons and sheets to create clothes, which was so funny but showed that she’s had a passion for fashion since being a little girl, she also stated she was the most Girliest girl ever. Eleonora used to make fashion magazines for her high school when being over in Bulgaria, this was when the printers first came out, I would have loved too have seen this and I bet the fash girls would have too.

One of the goals for the fashion society group is to focus on a magazine, aswell as blogging, illustrations and sewing. We are hoping that the girls will showcase some of their work on my runaway in May at Tiger Tiger Newcastle, which will named ‘The next big thing’, I want us to show to the world, that Newcastle knows Fashion.

And with the help of the fashion society, we shall bring it, did I mention this is the first fashion society I have heard about in Newcastle, which is exciting and this is one of the reasons that I want to be able to bring fashion to be big in Newcastle and so does the ‘fash’ girls at Newcastle University.


This is a photograph of Annie on the left, and Eleonora on the right, at Newcastle University’s society night, where the girls and boys would sign up to attend the class every wednesday, I have been helping the girls make a plan on what they want out of the group and how they will achieve this.. Therefore we are looking for guest speakers in the fashion and creative industry to come speak to us about their stories, please don’t hesitate to get intouch if you can help!!.

Toni x


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