NE Love Magazine Halloween Preview.


Bee Louise: Photographer


Model: Alisha Cowie


Model: Zoe Blenkinsop


Models: Paige and Loren Evans, Outfit: Excelsior Academy Sixthform


Model: Kimmie Arkle, Outfit: Excelsior Academy


Model: Ryan Fullen.

Facepainter: Rach Jardine, Geordie Face Painter.

NE LOVE is an magazine company that specialises in Art, Fashion, Photography, Food and Drink which is based in Newcastle. I was giving the opportunity to work with them on a live brief with the chance of winning the front cover for the halloween special, but also did the people in my class too, Therefore, I wanted to do something fashion based.

Last year I worked with excelsior academy for a few days and helped them with adjustments to their costumes for the fashion show which were based on day of the dead, so I instantly got on the phone and emailed them over to get them involved, as you can see from the day of the dead photograph’s, they were defiantly well fitted for the theme.

I also had so many messages when it came to collaborating with other’s e.g ‘Photographers’, ‘Models’, ‘Makeup Artists’, ‘Hair stylists’, etc. But in the end I ended up with the most amazing team ever and the night went so well!!.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that I will win the end and my team of creatives too and yous will all see my work on the cover very soon!!.


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