Beyonce’s dress comes to Newcastle.

First fashion post, and defiantly one that everyone is talking about, Beyonce slayed this beautiful fitted couture crochet lace piece at the grammy awards, the dress was picked straight off the bridal runaway to wow the nation, but in our minds we all thought, “who designed this beautiful masterpiece”.. well ‘Inbal Dror’ is the designer of this dream dress, which every bride would die for to wear on their special day and I had the chance of standing right next too it, due to being invited along to the trunk show that Morpeth bridal   shop owner ‘Kathryn Trueman’ was able to offer to the north east this month.



On the day, We all gathered along the quayside right next to the millennium bridge awaiting for the surprise arrival, and when we say surprise, and lets say it defiantly wow’d everyone there, as they turned up in a white limo, and paraded across the bridge whilst everyone was so confused but intrigued in what was going on, as they followed behind.

Now we all know why the hash tag was ‘free run’, feel like i should of swapped my heels into my running shoes and my dress into gym wear at the time, going back and forth over the bridge to keep up with the models and get the best views of one of the biggest bridal couture designer dresses out there at the moment, they were to die for, the detail was like art, its was detailed and well thought out, the color palette was very traditional and up to date with the nude palette that was displayed.


Adamskii Photography 


After our little run around chasing the dresses, we all decided it would be time to head up to the sage, where there was champage canapes and a vip list, i ticked off my name and took a seat right at the front, to get a close up view of the collection that was about to take place, whilst the dresses caught stole my sight and the live music was beautifully capture by my ears, the dresses were fit for a princess and especially for a queen, or shall we say Queen Bee!!.


All day I sat doing my makeup, stressing out on what to wear, typical girl right but hey you want to look good for an a list event in fashion around here we don’t get many of them!!. I decided to wear my new dress which had the most eye catching print, which is hugely trending at the moment, and in various styles on the high street at the moment, I purchased mine from New Look and paired it with legging and chelsea boots from Pretty little things.

I know that this isn’t going to be the last we will hear of Kathryn Trueman or Inbal Dror, This was an genuis collaboration, and smashed the bridal couture industry right into the heart of Newcastle, I’m so super grateful to be part of it and witness the beauty with my own eyes.


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