‘a little insight to my life’.


Hi everyone,

I don’t wan’t to bore you’s with the typical first intro sentence ‘Hi, I’m Toni, 22 from Newcastle’, so lets skip to the interesting fact’s and what I do. Over the past 7 year’s, I have studied fashion and other creative subject’s at various colleges and also art school, this is where my love for blogging began and has developed from there.

Therefore, I am now here with you today, sharing my own little professional blog to show off my fashion journey with you guys and everything else on the way. ‘Fashion’, ‘Business’ and ‘Marketing,’ these are my main focuses when it comes to my career pathway and as for the areas of fashion you may see on my blog will be ‘Fashion Forecasting’, ‘Online Blogging’, ‘Visual Merchandising’, ‘Styling’, ‘Digital Marketing’ these are all areas, I would really like to improve on and be able to share with you guys whilst I develop my skills and knowledge in theses areas over the year.

When starting out my carrier pathway, I had an interest in fashion but my studies were in Information Technology and Business. Therefore I stuck to what I had done and continued within these subjects but also looking at a more creative route, I studied ‘Textiles’, ‘Photography’ and ‘Fine Art’, It was a major achievement when the course came to an end when you see your final outcomes and know you made them. I loved to see my outfits in a catwalk show. This made me realise that Fashion is defiantly a carrier path that I wanted to go down. Once I finished my A-levels, I went onto Art School. This is where my interest in online blogging and fashion business developed. We also had so many opportunities to connect with others in the fashion industry when it came to live projects; I worked alongside Tallulah Love, More Miles, and Visage.

From a young age you’re often asked “what you want to be?” My answer is to be successful, I want to be able to help an inspire others. I have realised that people are majorly influenced by an online presence these days especially when it comes to social media, just by uploading a picture of your outfit can increase sales or sharing your story can help influence others with their life. This is one of the reason’s, I have a passion for online blogging and network marketing. By starting an online blog this has allowed me to create relationships all over the world, help others including collaborating with others in the creative industry, especially this year, I have collaborations coming up including NE Love magazine, as part of an halloween special.

I decided to start my blog as a personal project for myself. I have achieved a great deal in a small time period of four months, Achieving over 2000 views in a month and also having viewers from over 40 different country’s such as ‘United states’, ‘United Kingdom’, ‘Canada’, ‘Brazil’, ‘India’, ‘France’ and so many more.  This year, I want to influence as my people as possibly with my online presence in fashion and beauty, you’s may also have seen my previous blog ‘The fashion Junky’, which was my first personal blog I started and help me to develop myself in the social media network.

Keep an eye out for all the fashion posts coming up.

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